Market More than Merchandise

Jessica Burch
2 min readOct 27, 2021


Nestled at the corner of Brushy and Broade, lies a farmers market that embodies the word community.

Shaded under large Cottonwood trees, friends and families gather to enjoy live music, a newly constructed outdoor bar, and a variety of vendors.

The Leander Old Town Farmers Market is a gem within the city, and even though the merchandise is carefully handcrafted, it’s the people and their stories that are the true treasures.

I had the pleasure of meeting a young entrepreneur who decided to follow her passion all the way to Paris. Stuck in a “9–5”, restless and wanting more, her love for baking led her across the Atlantic to explore and experience. Returning home inspired, she began the first steps to launching her own business, Wildflour, specializing in macarons.

I had the pleasure of tasting her signature Pistachio flavored macaron, which lives up to its name. Whether you choose Berries and Cream or Birthday Cake, it is guaranteed to be gluten free and delicious.

Though new to the business world, she is determined to make her love for baking into a career. Her spirit and dedication are surely a recipe for success.

Just across the way, past the hanging porch swing and toy-filled patio where the kids play, another tale was waiting to be told. Unfortunately, I was unable to meet the creator of Lesya’s Food, but I was able to try some of her extraordinary raspberry and blueberry banana breads. Moving from overseas to America was hard enough. Throw in the tendency to feel physically uncomfortable when eating bread, and I know several CARBivores who would be distraught.

Instead of accepting that she would not be able to eat bread again or muscling through the negative side effects of consuming standard American made bread she decided to take matters into her own hands. After researching and experimenting, she discovered gluten to be the culprit. Carefully she crafted her own gluten free flour, from which her banana breads are made. Each slice from her various loaves is satisfying and tasty.

As I reflect on their unique journeys, my appreciation for individuality and the strength of women entrepreneurs burns proudly.

So if you happen to be awake at 9 on a Saturday morning, pop over to the Farmers Market for a memorable time.




Jessica Burch

Born and raised Austin, mother of two, and teacher to the littlest learners. Freelance writer for hire.